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The O'Hara Inheritance

Surviving a savage storm deep in the heart of the Indian Ocean a family of modern-day sea gypsies encounter an uncharted island and seek respite in its idyllic lagoon. But the island’s strange inhabitants force them to stay - by marooning them. Their acceptance of the deceptively tranquil lifestyle of their captors is gradually eroded by the bizarre societal rules.
A fortuitous means of escape presents itself, but soon has them converging with another disparate, and desperate, group. This forces the O’Haras to make a decision which irrevocably sets their lives on another trajectory and initiates many more adventures - and culminates in their arrest and incarceration. Here, they are forced to call upon the services of their intrepid and dashing family lawyer, Eschabel Rocca. Utilising his considerable wiles and the substantial resources of the O’Haras’ inheritance, he sets out to alter the scales of justice.

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J Cedric Watkins Writer and artist who enjoys travelling

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The O'Hara Inheritance

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