Book Reviews - The O'Hara Inheritance by J Cedric Watkins

- In the long-standing tradition of sea-going adventures The O’Hara Inheritance occupies a niche of its own.  Mr Watkins has written a family yarn that has an intriguing, and slightly unsettling, twist and a thoroughly topical theme.  A satisfying read.  I’m sure it’s not the last we will hear of that family.
Allan Marsden, B.A. DipT. Retired Educator

- Highly imaginative. A well-layered, fascinating story.

By Thomas Kay on April 23, 2016

- What a compelling story – literally. As the pages turned, the compulsion to read on increased.

David Millar, Perth, Western Australia

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J Cedric Watkins Writer and artist who enjoys travelling
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J Cedric Watkins is a habitual writer. Communicating by letter to family and friends from far-flung places when young, he continues to record his travels. He has also written a collection of fiction stories.  JCW currently resides in Perth, Western Australia.


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